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Handle Guard shopping cart cover!

Our Company

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We are based in Sunny Chandler, Arizona.

Designed by a mother with older children who was frustrated when nothing existed for her to use when shopping and pushing carts around the store once the children reached an age where they weren't using what was on the market for babies.

Handle Guard was born in 1999 after a shopping day at a local food warehouse store where our founder, Sandra Johnson noticed a sick person wallking around coughing into their hands, eating food samples then pushing their cart throughout the store. Sure enough this now infected cart would be passed on to an unsuspecting shopper entering the store.  

"From then on I was on a mission to find something to cover up that gross cart handle that adults of all ages could use."

The market is saturated with "baby shopping cart covers" but nothing for adults to use to cover up the cart handle.

Handle Guards were designed with adults in minds with dark colors, patterns some with logos of stores and or designs. Some Handle Guards are even used as advertising for companies. They are made of a soft woven, machine washable material that can be used from store to store.

They look fashionable, protect the enviroment and feel great when pushing the cart around the store.

Sandra soon discovered there was a lot of information and scientific matreial that supported her thoughts that shopping carts were germ magnets and even tested "dirtier than public bathrooms" in a study by the University of Arizona.        

We are a proud family owned business.

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